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Precision Medicine Physician Scientist (Oncology)

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SEngine Precision Medicine is a Seattle based biotech company striving to fulfill the promise of personalized medicine by combining cancer diagnostics and drug discovery. SEngine’s CLIA certified PARIS Test high-throughput screening platform for solid tumors. The Paris Test employs patient derived organoids is not only guiding treatment decisions for individual patients, but also offers a unique opportunity to accelerate the discovery of novel drugs. Our environment is rigorous, fast-paced and collaborative, bringing together passionate individuals who are making an impact. We inspire creativity and discovery by embracing an open culture that fosters innovation, teamwork and excellence.

SEngine Medicine Precision Medicine is seeking a highly talented Precision Medicine Physician Scientist to join the Office of the CEO/CSO.

This is an excellent opportunity for a driven individual looking for a broad-based experience in a fast-paced, dynamic, biotech start-up environment. This versatile and highly motivated individual will wear many hats and will have the capacity to drive projects and initiatives forward simultaneously.

Role Summary and Responsibilities:

The Precision Medicine Physician Scientist will work in the CEO/CSO office to advance the adoption and understanding of Functional Precision Oncology and in particular of the PARIS test. This will be accomplished by the Physician Scientist through publications, meetings and hands on analysis of results obtained by SEngine application of the PARIS test in the clinical settings.

The Physician Scientist will coordinate the aggregate analysis of results obtained from the PARIS test across multiple cancer types. This will entail integration with clinical and genomic data for specific cancer cohorts and prepare case reports as well. These activities will require collaboration with Bioinformatics and Clinical teams and potentially others at SEngine, such as the Organoid team, to integrate drug sensitivity results with cancer biology, genomics and clinical information.

The Physician Scientist will help guide key questions to interrogate the data and derive conclusions regarding the specificity, sensitivity and predictive value of the PARIS test. This effort could also involve the discovery of novel and complex biomarkers of drug response related to FDA approved or experimental drugs in collaboration with SEngine Business Development and Drug Discovery teams.

Communication with Oncologists:

  • Assist the CEO/CSO to oversee the PARIS test Report team in communicating with Oncologists both pre- and post-PARIS Tests. This post-PARIS test consultations with the Oncologists will ensure the correct interpretations and utilization of the PARIS test for clinical care. 

Communication with Academic Collaborators and Clinical Studies:

  • SEngine has established and will continue to establish collaboration with cancer centers and hospital that are utilizing the PARIS test for clinical studies or for individual patients. The Physician Scientist will play a major role together with the CEO/CSO to ensure pursual of collaboration with Cancer Centers and leading oncologists across the US and Europe.
  • Assist the CEO/CSO to ensure delivery and discussions of results from these collaborative efforts and will be available to the outside collaborators to answer any matters that may arrive that requires scientific oversight. 
  • Work with the CEO/CSO to also establish novel collaborations and clinical studies as needed to ensure increased adoption of the PARIS test, gathering of data for cancer types of interest to SEngine being advance for regulatory approval.

Requirements: 5 years+ experienced Physician Scientist MD or MD PhD with background in Precision Oncology, Functional Precision Oncology and Cancer Genomics for solid tumors (acceptable also if having worked in the leukemia field).

  • MD or MD PhD with 5+ years of experience in the analysis and therapeutic application of cancer genomics in the clinical practice.
  • Excellent bedside manner and compassionate personality, emotional intelligence required to interact with cancer patients.
  • Knowledgeable of medical practices and drug administration especially focused on targeted medicine to enable discussing pan cancer (solid tumors) cases. Familiarity with the broad menu of targeted drugs both FDA approved and in clinical trials.
  • Excellent presentation, communication and writing skills and deep knowledge of the cancer genome, cancer pathways and how they may relate to drug response.
  • Knowledge of genomic landscapes and cancer pathways across solid tumors, in particular: colon, ovarian, pancreatic, breast and lung and willing to learn as new cancers are pursued at SEngine. Familiarity with cancer signaling pathways, a basic understanding of the molecular function of oncogenes and tumor suppressor pathways.
  • Must have broad knowledge of oncology targeted drugs, their uses, specificity and toxicity profiles and their associations with genomic biomarkers of response.
  • Desirable: Experience in the practice of functional precision medicine

Job Type: Full-time - FLSA status: Exempt - Job Location: Seattle - Onsite - and willing to consider a hybrid work schedule.

Join us! SEngine Precision Medicine offers a competitive compensation and benefits package. Please apply with a short cover letter and resume. You are also welcome to call 206-788-5083 for questions.

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SEngine Precision Medicine is an Equal Opportunity Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, gender, religion, national origin, disability, and veteran status.


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