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Full Stack Developer - RGH

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We are a digitally native company where innovation, design and engineering meet scale. We use the latest technologies in the digital and cognitive field to empower organizations in every aspect.

We want you to join us to work for the biggest clients in tech, retail, travel, banking, ecommerce and media, revolutionizing and growing their core businesses while helping them (and you!) stay ahead of the curve. Be part of a company with the most cutting-edge practices and technologies plus a unique team.



A Senior Full Stack Developer who can build and design scalable and performant web applications using Web UI technologies (or Front End), frameworks and libraries along with Java Back End engineering. The code produced should have high fidelity to closely follow design mocks, comps and schematics and also meet and comply with User Experience requirements.



  • Programming:

    • Web UI

      • Experience on the following core languages: JavaScript, HTML & CSS.

      • Strong skills in programming structures, algorithms, design patterns, standard (W3C) Web UI APIs.

      • Oriented to details and software best practices & patterns.

      • Knowledge in the following types frameworks/libraries/languages:

        • Web Application Platforms (like Angular, Meteor, Ember, Knockout).

        • UI Component libraries (like React, Vue, Bootstrap).

        • ES6+.

        • TypeScript.

        • Dependency injection patterns.

        • Async Module Definition (like AMD, requireJS, commonJS).

        • Stylesheet languages (like SASS, LESS).

        • Application state management (like Redux).

        • Reactive Programming (like RxJS).

    • Java

      • Strong programming skills: algorithm, design patterns and data structures.

      • Experience in Java 8, lambdas, optionals and streams.

      • Guice knowledge is a plus.

      • Protobuf knowledge is a plus.

  • Design and Architecture:

    • General:

      • Familiarity with consuming service oriented architecture layers and APIs.

      • Experience with highly scalable applications.

      • Ability to research and adapt new technologies quickly in a very dynamic working environment.

    • Web UI:

      • Deep understanding of web service technologies (HTTP, REST, JSON) and design principles.

      • Knowledge in JavaScript Design & Architectural Patterns.

      • Proficiency in integration with Web Application systems and technologies (like Maven, Eclipse/NetBeans/IntelliJ, Spring/Guice, JPA/Hibernate).

    • Java

      • Experience working with highly distributed and scalable systems.

      • Containers knowledge is a plus.

      • Multi-threaded concepts.

      • Experience handling latency, heap, profiling and distributed troubleshooting is a plus.

  • Platforms:

    • NoSQL (like MongoDB, Cassandra, Redis).

    • Running Java Application Servers (Oracle WebLogic, JBoss, Tomcat).

    • Testing frameworks (Jasmine, Karma, Protractor, Junit).

  • Other:

    • Cross-browser techniques.

    • Debugging with tools like (Chrome Dev Tools, Web Inspector).

    • Responsive design implementation across devices, platforms, screens, etc.

    • Browser performance auditing and tuning.

    • Demonstrated skills using distributed code repositories (Git, Perforce, BitBucket) with code reviews.

    • Experience working within Scrum / Kanban.


  • Previous Google Experience is a plus

  • Google Cloud Platform.

  • Guice

  • GRPC, Protobuf.

  • Experience in e-commerce or e-retail.

  • Experience with SEO.


Nice to have: Experience in e-commerce or e-retail.


We are interested in hard-working, fast-learning talents and we have the know-how and scale to help you make your own career path. If you seek an entrepreneurial, flexible and team-oriented culture, come join us.

We are ready.


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