At the Trade with Africa Business Summit 2019 the President and CEO of the Global African Business Association (GABA), Akindele Akinyemi, moderates a crucial discussion on the African Diaspora's role in driving economic growth on the African continent. Dr. Obianuju Helen Okoye, Kola Alayande and Appreccia D. Faulkner give their thoughts on the discussion.

The latest edition of Rand Merchant Bank’s Where to Invest in Africa report Egypt: The enormity of the market paired with a sophisticated business sector relative to other countries makes Egypt the most attractive investment destination in Africa. Morocco: While only Africa’s 5th-largest market, Morocco’s expected growth rate of 4% over the medium term. South Africa: It has slipped another place in this year’s rankings, stymied by depressed levels of growth and a lack of structural reform. Yet it remains Africa’s hotspot for portfolio investment. Kenya: The above 5% expected growth rates has propelled Kenya one spot higher than 2019. Rwanda: Rwanda has the 2nd best business environment in Africa, and it is one of the five fastest-growing economies on the continent. Ghana: The growth outlook is strong, concentrated around the oil and gas sector. Côte d’Ivoire: It is one of the more diversified economies in francophone Africa. Its strong growth rates are supported by the government’s pro-business reforms and a relatively stable political context. Nigeria: As the largest economy in Africa in nominal terms, the resources and favourable demographics are attracting strong flow of FDI. Ethiopia: It is the fastest-growing economy on the continent. With a population of almost 100 million people, demand for goods and services is rising significantly. Tunisia: The government’s encouragement of foreign investment, through its new simplified investment code, has made the country increasingly attractive to multinational manufacturers.

The President and CEO of the Global African Business Association (GABA), Akindele Akinyemi, discusses the future of GABA with Romulus, Michigan. He travels to key areas in Romulus discussing why the African Growth Opportunity Act (AGOA) and the African Continental Free Trade Area (ACfTA) is prime to do in Romulus as it pertains to logistics, imports/exports and global infrastructure.

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#GABAGIRLS on Africentrik Television Network. GABA Global Project Specialist Davisha L. Johnson and GABA Senior Vice-President of Customer Service Uche Akeeb, talk about the impact of women in the Global African Business Association (GABA).